Will The Rocinante Crew separate after season 6 of The Expanse?

As Season 6 of The Expanse concludes on Amazon, the end of the story looms. Will the Rocinante crew separate in the final?

Will the Rocinante crew still be together when The extent season 6 rolls out its end credits one last time? From knockout space battles to a complex and detailed storyline, The extent has a lot to do. However, its greatest strength by far is the chemistry and bond between the main characters aboard the Rocinante – Steven Strait as James Holden, Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata and Wes Chatham as Amos Burton. . Before The extent season 6 Alex Kamal piloted the ship, but its actor, Cas Anvar, was fired following several allegations of misconduct. Although not a direct replacement, the remaining trio are now joined by Nadine Nicole as Clarissa “Peaches” Mao.


A sense of family loyalty, an underlying current of tension and a handful of lasagna made the Rocinante team love the hearts of audiences, and when the quartet broke up into The extent season 5, the missing ingredient was keenly felt. The extent Season 6 corrects the course by quickly assembling the gang (including honorary member Bobbie Draper), but with the end now looming, the question of Rocinante’s terminal destination becomes impossible to avoid. Do not adapt the last 3 volumes, The extent will likely require a different conclusion from its source material. So, will the Roci family go their separate ways or continue their galactic independent work?

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The extent dropped numerous clues that Rocinante’s team are heading for an acrimonious split in the Season 6 finale. Ship’s dissatisfaction was immediately apparent in the season premiere, with Amos vocally complaining about the role de Roci in the fight against the free navy of Marco Inaros and Naomi uncomfortable killing her own people. The longer the war continues, the more bitter and resentful Naomi and Amos become … but this once inseparable Nagata-Burton partnership also falls apart. Naomi deals with the guilt over Alex’s death by remaining constantly icy with Peaches, but the time spent with Roci’s latest addition has increased Amos’ confidence and independence, and he pushes Naomi away. She goes so far as to suggest that Amos and Peaches find a job elsewhere and, unfortunately, he actually agrees with her.

The Expanse Season 6 Episode 2 Roc Crew

Recent events involving Holden and a certain “failed” missile have only deepened the divisions. Rightly assuming that killing Naomi’s only son could end their romance, Holden secretly disarmed the nuclear weapon that allegedly killed Marco Inaros and ended the war. Amos demanded an explanation, but Holden retaliated with a fierce refusal, driving a wedge between the captain and the mechanic. Naomi might have been more grateful for Filip’s stay of execution, but her relationship with Holden also walks on rocky ground. The extent season 6 has dropped many clues of romance between Naomi and Camina Drummer, and as Engineer Roci aspires to reconnect with his Belter roots (and eventually with Filip as well, possibly) his relationship with Holden may be doomed to failure.

The extent Season 6 prepares the entire Rocinante crew for a split, fed up with the terror and misery that war reliably brings, and a little fed up with each other too. Given the way Season 6 is presented as The extentThe latest run of on Amazon, the Roci team split makes sense as a TV-only conclusion. Ending with the main cast still together implies a future continuation, and in the Extent novels, the team remains active for 30 additional years until the beginning of volume 7. Declassification of Rocinante in The extentThe series finale would signal a fitting end to the adaptation, and if the main trio put aside their personal grievances to go their separate ways amicably, the Season 6 split may avoid leaving viewers empty and miserable.

That said, the introduction of Winston Duarte and the continuation of the “Molecule Destroyers” story both suggest Season 6. is not the end for Holden and his gang. Such an explicit future setup makes many viewers believe The extent will continue in one form or another, perhaps as a movie or a series of sequels with a new cast. This could mean that the Rocinante crew would follow the books and stay together, perhaps honoring The extentIt’s a bit better central family theme. Of course, Naomi yells at Amos, and Holden yells at Amos, and Amos yells at anyone who is not named after a fruit. But like any other family unit, Rocinante remains united in the end. Not only is it a message The extent may bow with pride, but that leaves the door ajar for other misadventures to come.

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The extent Season 6 airs every Friday on Amazon.

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