Two Vietnamese boats seized, 14 crew members arrested

The two Vietnamese boats are caught fishing in Thai waters off Songkhla. (Photo provided)

SONGKHLA: Two Vietnamese fishing boats were intercepted and 14 crew members arrested by a navy patrol boat on Thursday for fishing illegally in Thai waters off Songkhla province.

The boats were trawling in pairs and were spotted by the HTMS Thai Muang around 4:30 a.m. on May 5 about 120 nautical miles from a buoy in safe water off Songkhla, the 2nd Naval Area Command said. Fourteen people were arrested and taken to the Songkla naval base for questioning.

The trawlers left Ca Mau in Vietnam on May 1 and had been operating in Thai waters for four days when they were intercepted, the navy said. The crews were charged with illegal fishing and related offenses under the Fisheries Act. Their boats were seized.

It was the 10th time that the 2nd Naval Area arrested foreign fishing boats during this exercise. A total of 14 boats were intercepted and seventy people on board were arrested and charged.

The 14 crew members of the two intercepted Vietnamese fishing boats are disembarked at the Songkhla naval base. (Photo provided)

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