Two new vessels launched by boat builder Parkol Marine Engineering


Whitby-based boatbuilder Parkol Marine Engineering has launched two new vessels for sea trials.

The projects, worth more than £ 5million, were completed within a week of each other.

The double-rigged Reliance III trawler was launched in Whitby Harbor under the supervision of 80 crews. The 200-ton vessel is destined for Banffshire where she will fish for shrimp and whitefish.

The 260-tonne Havara was launched at the Middlesbrough shipyard, which opened three years ago as the business diversified. It will serve as a salmon feeding support vessel in the Shetland Islands.

Parkol, close to 50 years of operation, is one of the few remaining builders, having completed the first new boat in 1997.

Reliance III is launched in Whitby.

Myton Law, based in Hull, represented Whitby’s boatbuilder Parkol Marine Engineering in negotiating the contracts.

Merchant Marine Lawyer John Habergham said: “Parkol is widely recognized as one of the leading boat builders in this industry in the UK and Myton Law is proud to advise the highly regarded Parkol team. After working out the contract details for these two ships, it’s exciting to see them take to the water.

Principal Sally Atkinson, who is the project manager for the second generation company, said: “It is always a pleasure to work with John and his team. We have completed many contracts together, some of which were very difficult. We have always relied on Myton Law to provide professional service and have our best interests at heart.

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