These luxury Mercedes headphones make you feel like part of an F1 crew – and I want them

Since around 1926, Mercedes-Benz has operated under the slogan “the best or nothing” (although let’s not forget that Karl Benz introduced what is widely recognized as the first gasoline-powered car in 1886), and it certainly seems to have been the corporate approach here.

Master & Dynamic is a much younger company (founded in 2014 in New York) and specializes in high-end headphones vying to be one of the best over-ear headphones we’ve had the pleasure of testing. But both brands operate in the realm of luxury – Master & Dynamic has even collaborated with Louis Vuitton in the past.

Today, the companies are proud to announce the first fruits of their new partnership: not one, not two, but five different sets of headphones as well as an inductive wireless charger.

Arguably the most eye-catching audio-visual delight is the MW65 x Mercedes-Benz Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones (main image) as there’s a definite F1 look to these wireless headphones and you can adorn your ears with the iconic 3D chrome Mercedes-Benz hood ornament – and I love it.

While these cans are clearly based on the Master & Dynamic MW65, which only earned three stars in an in-depth review in 2019, we rated them on ANC. The sound? We rated it “excellent”.

And the wireless headphones with active noise cancellation MW65 do not only impress with the accents of the bonnet emblem and the embossed Mercedes-Benz lettering on the headband. You also get two active noise canceling modes to suit different environments, managed by two ANC microphone arrays using a combination of hybrid feedforward and feedback technology to analyze both ambient noise outside the cone and perceived external noise. by the user – ie. on the inside.

Master & Dynamic also indicates that the weight of the headphones has been optimized to increase wearing comfort during prolonged listening.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Mercedes-Benz on a white car seat

Mercedes-Benz accents with Master & Dynamic sound tuning (Image credit: Master & Dynamic)

Want those classic accents and noise cancellation, but in a true wireless earbud design? Look no further than the MW08 x Mercedes-Benz Active Noise Canceling True Wireless Headphones (based on the four-and-a-half-star Master & Dynamic MW08).

Two 11mm beryllium drivers deliver brilliant sound, protected by a hybrid solution to actively cancel ambient noise. And the shell of the MW08 in-ear headphones is also exceptional, according to M&D, in that it is made from particularly resistant ceramic, the type usually used in high-end watches.

Here, a total of six proprietary noise-canceling microphones should ensure crystal-clear phone calls on the go and battery life is a competitive 12 hours – which can be extended for an additional 30 hours with the supplied charging case (don’t worry, this also features the emblem).

Now the MW75 x Mercedes-AMG Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones. They offer 28 hours of battery life, three active noise cancellation modes including Adaptive ANC (which automatically adapts to the noise level of environments) and sound comes from M&D’s best-angled 40mm beryllium drivers. .

Here you get the Mercedes-AMG emblem as a chrome 3D logo on the ear cups and as a raised pattern on the leather headband – and the black design is accented with fine red detailing.

Close up of Master & Dynamic MG20 wireless gaming headphones on black/red background

Master & Dynamic MG20: Look at the premium emblem on these game cans (Image credit: Master & Dynamic)

Player? Great. The MG20 x Mercedes-AMG wireless gaming headset (above) promises to set new standards for gaming – and if our four-star review of the original Master & Dynamic MG20 is anything to go by, they won’t disappoint not. Crafted from magnesium, fine leather and Alcantara, the luxurious MG20 earbuds feature a detachable boom microphone and an additional built-in microphone array for clear in-game communication.

50mm beryllium drivers and 7.1 surround sound support also promise brilliant acoustics, meaning you should stay completely immersed in the game, and a low-latency adapter should make switching between console games a breeze. and on PC.

These headphones also offer 22 hours of battery life after a single charge and feature over-the-head detection to save battery power when not in use.

Mercedes-AMG Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport headphones on wireless charger, on black background

If you opt for headsets, you might as well complete the set with the wireless charger… (Image credit: Master & Dynamic)

Finally, Sporty Mercs. The MW08 Sport True Wireless x Mercedes-AMG earbuds are billed as “shatterproof sapphire crystal earbuds” with a scratch-resistant metallic finish and an “ultra-rugged carbon fiber charging case” (see our favorable Master & Dynamic review MW08 Sport for reference).

Fit is of paramount importance here: alongside five different pairs of silicone tips, two additional pairs of foam tips should ensure they stay in place even during the toughest workouts.

Two noise canceling modes and two ambient listening modes are also built in, and the earphones charge wirelessly to deliver up to 42 hours of battery life with the charging case.

Of course, the ideal complement is the MC100 Wireless Charge Pad x Mercedes-AMG; it is compatible with MW08 Sport Active Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Headphones and other mobile devices, including top Apple iPhones (from iPhone 8).

Opinion: They’re not cheap, but they’re certainly intriguing…

Master & Dynamic are a force to be reckoned with in the world of audiophile headphones and while they haven’t yet given Apple’s AirPods Max and Sony WH-1000XM5 a close race for their money, it doesn’t. surely it’s only a matter of time…

Prices? Of course, have to these. Take note: we’re in AirPods Max and Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2 territory here, but Master & Dynamic’s collaboration with Mercedes isn’t quite as ambitious as the Meze Audio Liric, shall we say. Official application fees for the US and Australia are not yet known, but we have given approximate figures based on UK prices.

MW65 Mercedes-Benz – £449 (about $530, AU$784)
Mercedes-Benz MW08 – £279 (about $330, AU$478)
Mercedes-AMG MW75 – £549 (about $650, AU$959)
Mercedes-AMG MG20 – £429 (about $509, AU$749)
MW08 Sport – £329 (around $390, AU$574)
MC100 Charging Pad – £49 (about $58, AU$85)

Master & Dynamic tells us that all the products in the collection are available for pre-sale now on Master & Dynamic website (opens in a new tab)and will ship by the end of July.

Could these Mercedes-Benz headphones become the latest addition to our best set of noise-canceling headphones? Time will tell, but I would absolutely love to try them on and be seen wearing them, like I just jumped out of the open cockpit of my F1 car.

As Janis Joplin once sang, “My friends all have Porsches, I gotta make amends”…

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