‘The Expanse’ EP Says The ‘Tables Have Turned’ For Rocinante Crew In Season 6

The fascinating series on a besieged solar system comes to an end after six seasons as war-weary Captain Holden (Steven Strait) takes his rescue ship on Rocinante during his last trip to The extent. He and his crew are caught up in a conflict started by Marco Inaros (Keon Alexander), a fanatic who set his oppressed people living in the asteroid belt on fire, known as the Belters.

“The roles have turned,” executive producer Naren Shankar said. “The Belters waged a war against [their former exploiters] Earth and Mars.

(Credit: Amazon Studios)

Holden committed the Rocinante to prevent Marco and his Free Navy from launching asteroids on Earth. “The crew has been on a dangerous reconnaissance mission for months, and they are exhausted,” he adds.

But Shankar warns of “dangers beyond Marco” over the last six episodes (released weekly). As the UN Secretary-General of Earth (Shohreh Aghdashloo) sends former Martian sailor Bobbie Draper (Frankie Adams) on a mission to equalize the fight, Holden’s fears about the deadly forces lurking inside Ring Gates are now turning out to be real.

The Rogue Martians pushed the alien technology known as the “protomolecule” to the far reaches of the solar system. “We have learned,” Shankar recalls, “by bringing a protomolecule closer to a planet, [bleep] come!”

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