Save marine life! Thaaragai Aarathana, 8, dives with his father to free the ocean of plastic waste

Thaaragai Aarathana and Aravind Tharunsri, a father-daughter duo, are desperate to bring attention to the critical issue of endangered marine species and impoverished aquatic life.

Thaaragai, an 8-year-old child from Karappakam in Chennai, seems to have a special connection with the sea. She started scuba diving when she was five years old. Aravind Tharunsri, a scuba diving instructor, assured his young daughter was exposed to the rich marine biodiversity.

Thaaragai’s childhood passion for scuba diving made a difference in the marine world, as she holds the record under “Save the Ocean” in Assist World Records Attempt to swim through Covelong to Neelankari , a stretch of 18 km.

Origin of the mission

Thaaragai was never afraid of water because she was exposed to it when she was only three days old. Even when she was less than a year old, she began to float conveniently.

Aravind, an avid diver, always wanted to teach his daughter to dive. Her dream came true when she qualified for shallow water scuba diving and had an affection for marine biodiversity. Aravind was determined to make her daughter a diver personified because the future generation must economize and preserve their resources.

“Save the Ocean”

Thaaragai can now reach any length to draw attention to the critical issue of endangered marine species and impoverished aquatic life. On National Day of the Girl Child, the eight-year-old environmentalists boldly tried to draw our attention to her ongoing fight against water pollution (January 24). She set a world record in the Assist World Record Attempt to swim an 18 kilometer stretch from Covelong to Neelankari with the theme “Save the Ocean”.

Thaaragi shared his adventurous experience of scuba diving: “It was raining when I started swimming, I had cramps underwater, it was extremely cold, but I enjoyed the seven-hour journey. Being in and around bodies of water excites me to do more for its future,” as reported by The New Indian Express.

Recent feat

The eight-year-old celebrated her eighth birthday by going scuba diving for the first time. She saw jellyfish, a school of colorful fish, trevallies, groupers and corals on her first scuba dive. The diving session didn’t end there as the young girl noticed some plastics and being an admirer of sea life it was impossible for them to look into such an alarming ocean situation.

The duo then scheduled regular underwater cleanups; since then, they have collected more than 600 kg of plastic bottles from mixed cleaning. Then they plan to donate the proceeds from the sale of the scrap metal to the Ministry of Environment of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

After the movement for marine biodiversity, the father-daughter duo launched a short documentary on marine pollution to raise awareness in schools and beaches. Arvind, a true ocean lover, has been dedicated to ocean-free pollution since 2010 and hoisted the Indian flag underwater on the current year’s Independence Day.

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