Saudi Navy’s Al-Jubail Crew Concludes Training Program in Spain

The Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) concluded on Saturday in Spain the training program for the crew of His Majesty’s ship “Al-Jubail”, the first combat ship of the “Sarawat” project, which includes the manufacture and construction of five warships. with advanced capabilities to deal with various combat missions with high efficiency.

The training included a firing exercise with missiles of the type (MICA) of the third version (block 3), which is used to counter air attacks and identify targets in a self-guided (fire and forget) manner.

RSNF Commander Lt. Gen. Fahd Bin Abdullah Al-Ghufaili praised the Saudi crew for their efficiency and skill in the theoretical and practical training stages.

He also praised their remarkable ability to fully exploit the ship’s advanced systems, which resulted in the successful launch of the missile (MICA) and the direct hit and destruction of its target.

Al-Ghufaili said the ship’s crew had completed all stages of training and the ship was in the process of being ready to sail to Saudi Arabia to be the first ship to join the “Sarawat” naval fleet. “, which contributes to raising the level of preparation of the RSNF and the strengthening of maritime security in the region and the protection of the vital and strategic interests of the Kingdom.

The training program consisted of three main phases. The first phase started in the UK and lasted 46 weeks to learn the English language before moving to Spain where basic and advanced courses were offered by the Spanish Navy and the University of Cadiz, in addition to courses operation, maintenance and adaptation to the ship with the Spanish Navy and Navantia, the manufacture of the Sarawat Ships project.

The last phase focused on practical exercises at sea for the crew of “Al-Jubail”.

Al-Jubail (Corvette Avanti 2200) is the first ship of the Sarawat project, which was launched four months ago, and is the last of its type in the world, with capabilities to deal with air, surface or underground targets.

The “Sarawat” project is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programs to locate 50% of military industries.

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