Research fellow, job in marine biology and ecology at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON



Marine biology and ecology

Site: Southampton National Oceanographic Center
Salary: £ 31,406 to £ 34,304
Full-time fixed-term (3 years)
Closing Date: Monday, November 15, 2021
Date of interview: Be confirmed
Reference: 1515821HN

Researchers are invited to apply to work as a researcher at the Coral Reef Laboratory at the University of Southampton ( At the School of Ocean and Earth Science at the National Oceanography Center in Southampton, you will join a community of over 500 researchers and support staff from physics, chemistry, biology, geoscience and engineering , with a strong emphasis on marine biology and the marine environment, to work in a project at the interface between the Marine biology and Geochemistry Research groups.

This position is funded by an ERC Advanced Grant to Professor Gavin Foster titled “From microns to reefs: mechanistic insights into coral biomineralization and the destin of coral reefs” and the online management will be shared between Professor Foster ( and Dr D’angelo ( The project involves a number of researchers from the University of Southampton and aims to better understand the future of coral reefs in the face of anthropogenic changes by developing a mechanistic understanding of coral calcification. For more details, see this web page:

Scleractine corals have a complex biomineralization tool set which, although not fully understood, involves the use of a number of enzyme pumps to control the carbonate system of the calcifying fluid to promote CaCO.3 production and synthesis of an organic matrix that controls and potentially initiates crystal formation. The role of the candidate in this multidisciplinary project will be to identify the relative importance of the carbonate system in relation to the synthesis of the organic matrix in the biomineralization of coral. This will be achieved by growing a range of coral species under various controlled conditions, manipulating the energy budget and using a series of enzyme inhibitors. You will then use a variety of interdisciplinary techniques to explore the impact of these treatments on calcification rate, holobont physiology, skeletal organic matrix concentration and protein composition, and skeletal shape. Differential gene expression will also be used to identify how particular aspects of the coral biomineralization toolkit respond to a changing environment.

A successful candidate must have:

  • A doctorate * (or equivalent) in a biological or chemical field
  • Experience in the application of molecular biology or biochemical methods
  • Skills in hypothesis testing, experiment design, statistical analysis of datasets, and writing of scientific manuscripts and research reports in molecular biology / biochemistry.
  • Demonstrate strong motivation, ambition and motivation, with the ability to complete difficult tasks and meet deadlines both individually and as a member of a team.

Experience in growing corals, experimenting with marine species or laboratory model organisms or knowledge of micro-CT techniques for skeletal imaging would be an advantage, as would RNA analysis, omics techniques and data analysis / bioinformatics tools

This position is a three-year fixed-term appointment due to funding restrictions. For more information on the Marine Biology and Ecology group and related work at Southampton, follow these links:

For more information, please contact Professor Gavin Foster ([email protected]) or Dr Cecilia D’Angelo ([email protected]).

* Applications for Associate Researcher positions will be considered by applicants who are preparing or completing a relevant doctoral degree. The title of associate researcher will be applied upon successful completion of the doctorate. Prior to the award of the qualification, the title of Senior Research Assistant will be awarded.

Application procedure

You must submit your completed online application form to The application deadline will be midnight on the closing date indicated above. If you need assistance, please call Annabelle Trimm (Recruiting Team) on +44 (0) 23 8059 4043 or email [email protected] Please quote ref 1515821HN on all correspondence.


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