Puneeth collaboration for a documentary on marine life

During the pandemic, Puneeth Rajkumar, impressed by the success of the natural history documentary “Wild Karnataka”, collaborated with his co-director Amoghavarsha JS to shoot a documentary on marine life off the coast of Karnataka. He produced the film through his in-house banner, PRK Productions.

It includes many images of scuba diving in Puneeth and exploring the underwater life in the Arabian Sea. “He wanted to promote the state’s biodiversity, forests and natural habitat and the film was a dream for him,” Amoghavarsha said.

Puneeth was fond of naming the film “Gandhada Gudi” or “Ondu Muttina Kathe”, two popular film titles by comedian Dr Rajkumar. “Decades ago a story was born. A tribute to our people, our land, celebrated our forests and inspired a new generation. Now is the time for the legend to return, ”he wrote on social networks, presenting the film, a few days before his death on Friday.

“We are not in the mood to think about the film or its future,” Amoghavarsha said.

The trailer for the documentary was due to be released on November 1 by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, for whom Puneeth had requested time on Thursday evening to meet with him. “He was supposed to meet me today, but I had to come to the hospital to meet him like that,” Mr Bommai said on Friday.

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