Prime Minister of Tasmania – Marine Engineering Study Contract for Marinus Link

December 2, 2021

Guy Barnett, Minister of Energy and Emissions Reduction

The Government of Tasmania is pleased to announce that Australian firm MMA Offshore has been awarded the $ 5.5 million contract to complete the subsea engineering geotechnical studies required to refine the route of the Marinus Link cable.

The Marinus Link Interconnector is a proposed 1,500 megawatt subsea and underground power connection between Tasmania and Victoria, identified as a critical component of Australia’s future power grid.

Marinus Link involves approximately 255 km of high voltage DC submarine cable and approximately 90 km of underground HVDC cable in Victoria.

The expert crew of the 87m survey vessel “TEK Ocean Spirit” will be based in Burnie for the duration of the 39 day survey program, with crew from Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. The investigation will begin in January 2022.

The award of this tender is another important step in the advancement of this vital and important project.

The survey will be conducted at approximately 110 sites on the proposed Marinus Link submarine route between Heybridge, in northwest Tasmania, and Warratah Bay, in southern Gippsland, Victoria, at sea depths up to 80 m.

The proposed Tasmanian HVDC converter station site for Marinus Link is the former Tioxide site at Heybridge and local residents will be able to watch this vessel perform offshore survey work this summer.

Marinus Link is a key project to unlock Tasmania’s deep storage potential, increase reliability, keep electricity prices low and contribute to a cleaner planet.

The Tasmanian government is a strong supporter of this project and in addition to saving energy prices and reducing emissions, Marinus will create 2,800 jobs in Tasmania and Victoria, and attract billions of dollars in new investment in Tasmania by unlocking a pipeline for future renewable energy development. .

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