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Order using prepaid credit card

PrePaid and standard credit card

PrePaid and standard credit card

You want to take advantage of a credit card and still be safe in your finances? The PrePaid card is available from the age of fourteen. You can redeem a conventional credit card from the age of eighteen. Note that the PrePaid card can only be used at points of sale with a digital payment terminal, not devices.

With the PrePaid Mastercard, you can withdraw money from around 1 million machines around the world (CHF 6 per payment). Pay for your purchase with your PrePaid Mastercard and benefit from the best price guarantee in Swiss retail and online retailing. With the payment functions PayPass (Mastercard) and chargeWave (Visa Card), you can withdraw hands-free at more and more specially marked payment terminals.

The prepaid card is charged by bank transfer (eg via your e-banking). Always at a glance – one visa is the free digital printing service for your credit card. The program includes a web portal and a smartphone app. In the event of a theft or loss of your credit card, you will receive a replacement card within a few days (in Switzerland within two days, abroad within three to six days).

Today it is hard to imagine that the card for cash withdrawals at ATMs or credit card area disappears from life.

Basic credit card

Basic credit card

Whether you order your basic credit card as a MasterCard or as a Visa, you will enjoy many advantages. With the basic credit card you will receive a debit card: You can buy online at the point of sale worldwide with the online credit check1 and pay for it reliably. You simply charge your basic credit card with credit and have your costs under control. In no time you have everything under control. Via the net, a sales list or our service hotline, you can call up your sales at any time and conveniently recharge your basic credit card – for example, by bank transfer or standing order. On the one hand you can track your sales, on the other hand you can check your sales on your basic credit card.

You can choose the motif for your basic credit card yourself. Choose your preferred Motif for your basic credit card. Order your individual bank card now at bank. Shop with your bank card, withdraw cash and benefit from a wide range of services: A basic credit card from bank offers many advantages.

You can recharge your basic credit card by bank transfer or permanent payment – up to a value of 2000 USD. Online purchases: The Mastercard SecureCode and Validated by Vista payment methods ensure secure online payments with the state-of-the-art card app. Non-contact: With the contactless function, you pay even more conveniently and conveniently at the end device.

Block service: If your basic card is stolen or stolen, our card blocking hotline is of course at your side. If you wish, you can also order a replacement card with the lock. The basic credit card is a debit card that has no imprint. When paying with the basic credit card, the merchant terminal on the Internet checks whether your account is covered.



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