Massive Predictions: Columbus Crew vs. LAFC

On Saturday, the Columbus Crew returns to Field for the team’s only home game of May, against LAFC. It’s a rare chance to feed on the home crowd after two straight games where Columbus got a two-game point.

Ahead of Saturday’s kick-off, Massive Report contributors made their picks for what the scoreline will look like at the end of the 90 minutes. Here’s how the staff has been chosen so far this season:

Massive Report 2022 Predictions

name deputy Correct score/result Correct result Bad results Points
name deputy Correct score/result Correct result Bad results Points
patrick murphy 12 2 5 5 11
Brian Moracz 12 2 4 6 ten
Collin Johnson 11 2 3 6 9
Theodore Sovinsky 12 1 6 5 9
Caleb Denorme 12 1 3 8 6
Drew McDaniel 11 1 3 7 6
Abigail Hintz 6 1 3 2 6
Ryan Schmitt 9 1 2 6 5
Kyle Jackson 6 1 1 4 4
Nathan Townsend 11 0 3 8 3
Adam Miller 12 0 3 9 3
John Pearson 8 0 3 5 3
Thomas Costello 12 0 2 ten 2
Grant Miller 6 0 1 5 1
Tyler Fisher 4 0 1 3 1
Devin Weisberth 8 0 1 7 1

Let’s jump right into this week’s picks.

Abigail Hintz

As the Crew’s woes continue on the road, home points become more crucial every day. The Black & Gold need to pick up a win on Saturday, but it’s going to be tough against the Western Conference’s second-place team. I think the Crew will rekindle some hope on Saturday with a narrow win over LAFC that comes off of a long day of travel and hopefully overconfidence.
Columbus Crew 1 LAFC 0

Adam Miller

LAFC is coming to town for this game and the crew is preparing to face another of the best teams in the league. LAFC is coming off of back-to-back losses and will be looking to get back to winning ways in this game. This challenge for Black & Gold will tell us a lot about who they are this year, and I still believe in this team.

The Crew take the lead with a free kick in the first half as striker Miguel Berry drives home a bouncing ball in the box. Columbus will double their lead in the second half thanks to a strike from Lucas “El Magó” Zelarayàn from outside the box. LAFC will retire a late goal but not enough to earn game points.
Crew of Columbus 2 LAFC 1

Brian Moracz

The Black & Gold was completely upgraded to NYCFC last Saturday as they failed to register a shot on goal and their defense couldn’t match the firepower of the Pigeons in attack. The crew is a mess right now. They are stuck between formations, receive no production from the start, and have no real identity to fall back on.

LAFC is coming to town, and they’re providing anything but a “well done” game for the crew. Despite losing their last two matches, LAFC are second in the Supporters’ Shield standings. Additionally, they have scored the second most goals in MLS with an attack that features midfielder Carlos Vela and striker Cristian Arango. To summarize: LAFC is very good, and right now the Crew is not. The crew drops it at home despite a goal from Zelarayàn.
LAFC 2 Columbus Crew 1

Caleb Denorme

LAFC sits at the top of all MLS for the first part of the season. If the crew played this game on the road in LA, I’d say an instant loss. Head coach Caleb Porter’s away record and the quality of LAFC speaks for itself.

I think since the game will be played at Lower.Com Field, Columbus has a chance, but in the end, I’m aiming for a 2-1 LAFC win over the Black & Gold. I think Vela will get his goal and midfielder Kellyn Acosta will also score one for the opposing team. I think Berry will also get a well-deserved goal, but in the end the crew will continue to fall in the table.
LAFC 2 Columbus Crew 1

Collin Johnson

Just when it looked like the crew had regained their form, disaster struck in the form of a road trip to the special terror that is Yankee Stadium. Columbus’ delayed trip to New York saw the team come down to earth after going on a three-game unbeaten streak.

Losing on the road to NYCFC probably should have been expected, but that won’t make the loss any easier to swallow. A (rather) new LAFC look might remedy the need for Black & Gold, but that depends on which LAFC team shows up (and which Crew team shows up for that matter).

LAFC head coach Steve Cherundolo’s team started the season off on the right foot, but their form has deteriorated in recent weeks. Columbus will still have to figure out how to score without an in-form striker and continue to plug that hole until summer reinforcements arrive.
Columbus Crew 1 LAFC 0

Devin Weisbarth

Columbus will be looking to right the ship when LAFC comes to town. LAFC is currently second in the West and is also coming off a midweek win. They will only have two days off between games, and that should be an advantage for Black & Gold. Plus, with Columbus having a cause to fight for, I think they’re standing up for it. With that, I think Columbus and LAFC draw.
Crew of Columbus 1 LAFC 1

John Pearson

It’s really hard to see Columbus come out of this game with three points. In fact, a draw would probably be celebrated as a win for most fans, as LAFC is one of the best teams in the league. Columbus may figure LAFC is on a losing streak they are playing at home, but the reality is that unless the whole team can come away with a performance like they did against DC Unitedthey probably won’t get the win.

Columbus would fight back, catching a goal from Berry, but LAFC would take the win with Vela and midfielder Jose Cifuentes finding the scoresheet.
LAFC 2 Columbus Crew 1

pat murphy

It will be interesting to see how LAFC handles this game after playing last weekend and Wednesday – both losses. Coming on the road against an Eastern Conference team, Steve Cherundolo rotates his team.

Either way, the crew should be ready for an open game against a good team. MLS’s first Black & Gold must be ready for an open game and guard against LAFC’s transition play. Columbus will need to score to win this game, which hasn’t been a strong point for the team lately. I think they find a way in this one in front of a big crowd at Field.
Crew of Columbus 3 LAFC 2

Theodore Sovinsky

The crew is finally back home and could enjoy a result. They host LAFC, against whom they have yet to win in two tries and with whom they share a nickname: the two teams are informally known as “Black & Gold”. Come Saturday, I predict they share something else, and that’s the points offered. 2-2.
Crew of Columbus 2 LAFC 2

Thomas Costello

If you listened to the latest episode of the Massive Report podcast, my prediction went from a win to a loss for Crew. Columbus’ big wins at home are against the Vancouver Whitecaps and DC United. LAFC is by far a better team than these two teams.

LAFC will be seated further, with Saturday’s game being their third game in seven days. Columbus has struggled to break into teams with this type of game plan, and it continues against LAFC. The visitors scored twice before substitute winger Luís Diaz netted a goal against LAFC’s tired legs.
LAFC 2 Columbus Crew 1

Now it’s up to you to make your prediction. Share it in the comments below or reply to this story tweet on the Massive Report Twitter Page.

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