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Bass Strait marine life is filmed as part of the preparations for the Marinus Project electrical link between Tasmania and Victoria. “This latest marine survey is part of building the scientific data informing the rigorous environmental and technical processes that will allow us to sensitively build this priority national infrastructure,” said Benjamin White, responsible for Stakeholder Relations, Lands and the environment of Marinus Link. Hobart-based marine investigation specialist Marine Solutions has started the investigation, which is expected to take about a week, depending on the weather. “The survey will use underwater video to capture images of the wildlife that lives on the seabed and sensitive seabed habitats such as reefs, outcrops, sponge gardens and seagrass beds,” said Bess Clark, Managing Director of the Marinus Project at TasNetworks. “The non-intrusive investigation (…) will examine dozens of underwater sites along the proposed route of the interconnection from the shore of Heybridge in northern Tasmania.” The Victorian coast near the Waratah Bay connection point would be studied later. Marine Solutions owner and director Sam Ibbott said the study would involve cameras at depths of up to 60 meters. They would be towed above the seabed to avoid any disturbance. recording images at a variety of points along the route of the cable through Bass Strait as part of the approval process to ensure that we have no impact on endangered or protected species, ”Mr. Ibbott. “We often partner with large companies on the continent or abroad to provide our services, but it’s great to work in our own backyard for a change. the vast economic, environmental and community benefits of Marinus Link with the locals. The $ 3.5 billion Marinus project will involve about 345 kilometers of electric cable, of which about 255 kilometers are in the sea. It will also include a telecommunications connection. “Marinus Link is a key to unlocking Australia’s clean energy future as it will provide access to Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation deep storage to safeguard wind and solar power and keep it reliable and affordable.” Mr. White said. “In addition to downward pressure on prices and a more reliable grid, the Marinus project will reduce emissions, create 2,800 direct and indirect jobs in Tasmania and Victoria, and open a pipeline for future renewable energy development. , with thousands of additional jobs. The first of the two electric cables is expected to be commissioned and start commercial operations in 2027-2028 and the second in 2029-30. The promoters say the project would reduce at least 70 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions by 2040, which is equivalent to taking about 500,000 cars off the road. While you’re with us, did you know that you can now sign up to receive the latest news and daily headlines straight to your inbox? Register here.


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