Made from recycled marine waste, Akasa Air’s crew uniform is chic and comfortable.

India’s newest airline, Akasa Air, has unveiled the first look of its airline crew uniform, featuring a youthful and contemporary design. Ditching pencil heels and skirts, Akasa Air is India’s first airline to introduce comfortable tailored pants, jackets and sneakers for its flight crew.

Keeping aesthetic and environmental concerns in mind, the pant and jacket fabric have been specially designed for Akasa Air, using recycled polyester fabric made from PET bottle plastic recovered from marine waste. Designed by Rajesh Pratap Singh, the pant, jacket and sneaker combo will keep employees comfortable during their busy flight schedules. The jacket is inspired by the Indian gala bandh and looks to the future in a modern take on the garment. Considering the mobile lifestyle of crew members and the long hours spent on their feet, Vanilla Moon designed sneakers that are lightweight and contain extra cushioning from heel to toe to provide better support. In keeping with Akasa Air’s approach to sustainability, the sneaker’s sole is cut from recycled rubber and made without any use of plastic.

Belson Coutinho, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, Akasa Air, said, “Employee focus and sustainability are going to be at the heart of everything we do at Akasa Air. We’ve designed a uniform that our team feels both proud and comfortable in as they direct their energy to ensure a warm, friendly and efficient flight experience for all of our passengers.”

Akasa Air, which received delivery of its first Boeing 737 Max in India on June 21, is now gearing up for its commercial launch by the end of July.

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