Liaoning aircraft carrier expands crew member versatility in deep-sea exercises

Une photo d'archive non datée montre le porte-avions <em>liaoning</em> (L) Chinese navy receiving supplies during deep sea combat training. Photo: Xinhua”  data-src=” 31/d4204bb3-5891-4999-83c5-a91103cad499.jpeg” /></center></p>
<p class=An undated file photo shows the Chinese navy liaoning (L) Aircraft carrier receiving supplies during deep sea combat training. Photo: Xinhua

During a recent interregional exercise of the aircraft carrier liaoning of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, the ship trained its crew in new skills, allowing them to work in different positions, analysts said on Thursday that the liaoning, China’s first aircraft carrier, has explored new methods and gained experience for the country’s aircraft carrier program.

As part of this training program, Chen Haichao, the head of the liaoningThe carrier’s gas supply unit – which had been assigned to generate oxygen and nitrogen in the carrier’s deep decks – has now joined the flight deck support unit, TV reported on Wednesday. Central China (CCTV).

Remila Dabuli, telephone operator on the liaoning, also completed the program, which made her the only female crew member of the Aircraft Dispatch Team, supporting J-15 carrier-based fighter jet takeoff operations.

Their training results were displayed during the deep-sea exercise, according to the CCTV report, which gave no further details of the exercise other than to say it took place far from the coast and not in the Bohai Sea, where the liaoningThe daily training zone of is.

In December 2021, the liaoning The carrier group has held open-sea drills with real-life combat scenario, with the flotilla conducting comprehensive confrontation drills in the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and Western Pacific for more than 20 days, China said. PLA Navy at the time.

This will be the 10th year of liaoningPLA Navy’s service as China’s first aircraft carrier, and the ship’s main mission, before being a combat-ready warship, is to explore methods and gain experience for future more advanced Chinese aircraft carriers, a Chinese military analyst told the Global Times on Thursday, requesting anonymity.

The latest training program aims to explore the versatility of crew members, the expert said, noting that in combat, if troops in certain positions suffer casualties, others with qualified skills can quickly integrate .

The commissioning ceremony of the liaoning took place on September 25, 2012 at a naval base in the port of Dalian in northeast China, Xinhua News Agency reported at the time.

second Chinese aircraft carrier, the shandong, entered the PLA naval service on December 17, 2019 in Sanya, south China’s Hainan Province. A third aircraft carrier is reportedly under development.

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