Jennifer Lopez joins the crew of the Virgin Voyages cruise line in an important new role

Global superstar Jennifer Lopez has been named to a key role for Sir Richard Branson’s British cruise line, Virgin Voyages. The international film and music superstar has been given an updated version of the traditional nautical role of ship’s godmother and will be known as the head of entertainment and lifestyle.

Sponsoring a ship is normally a ceremonial role, but JLo is committed to playing a more hands-on role with the Virgin Voyages fleet, including investing in branding. She said, “My artistic and social mission is to empower, inspire and entertain. Any opportunity I have to combine all of these attributes into a partnership and collaboration is exciting to me.

“I admire Sir Richard and all he has built. I am inspired by Virgin Voyages’ dedication to creating irresistible experiences and a focus on well-being, which fits perfectly with my own lifestyle and to the philosophy of my brand.”

This is how the partnership was announced

JLo will be involved in everything from developing client facilities – with a focus on wellness and fitness – to design collaborations and entertainment co-creations. Later this summer, Virgin Voyages will introduce JLo Beauty as part of the onboard offer.

Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson added: “We knew straight away that we wanted Jennifer to be our partner and help Virgin Voyages shape the future of high seas travel. most talented and hardworking. admire her as an artist, as an entrepreneur and as a person.

Tom McAlpin, managing director of Virgin Voyages, agreed. He said: “ From the moment we launched this brand, we knew we wanted to make waves and make changes for sailors to have the most epic vacation of their lives. After the past two years, vacations have never been more necessary, so we’ve been looking for someone very special to join us on this journey.

“Jennifer is a trailblazer and embodies the spirit that lives inside Virgin Voyages and our staff. As an investor and advisor, she overturns the tradition of godmother and makes it powerful and limitless. not be more excited for what’s ahead.”

The announcement of the relationship between Jennifer Lopez, Richard Branson and Virgin Voyages was revealed on social networks. He discussed which title would suit Jennifer given that she plays such an important, and not just ceremonial, role in the brand’s future plans.

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Virgin Voyages is preparing to welcome its second and third ships to its fleet of four. Valiant Lady sets sail this month, while Resilient Lady begins her voyages in August. first ship

Scarlet Lady has already set sail and is billed as an “adults only and sanctuary at sea for travelers 18 and older. It offers top-notch entertainment and over 20 dining experiences for guests. It also offers fitness classes, free Wi-Fi and other additional facilities on board.

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