Interiors of Elite Dangerous carriers have stores, NPCs, and crew quarters

Getting your hands on a Drake-class fleet aircraft carrier in Elite: Dangerous is no small feat, but it’s about to get even more rewarding. Frontier Developments has revealed some alpha footage of the interiors of the fleet aircraft carriers that will arrive in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey early next year, offering a short run-through of the space game’s biggest capital ships.

Senior game designer Derin Hall provides some explanation throughout the video, which you can watch below. The Drake-class fleet aircraft carriers, introduced in 2020, are Elite’s largest ships, and they are persistent items in the game world, much like stations. In fact, Transporters work the same as Stations, providing players with a place to buy and sell goods, collect missions, download map data, and more, depending on what the transporter owner has equipped the. ship. The big difference, of course, is that the carriers have frame shift drives and can travel across the galaxy at will.

While this is all now handled by the menus, when Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 11 arrives in early 2022, you’ll be able to wander inside the carriers once you land. You can spend time at the bar or browse merchandise from Pioneer Supplies, which carrier owners can handle in order to make a bottom line.

Here is the video. Images of the interior of the transporter and discussion begin at 46:25. Keep in mind that all images are from an alpha release and Frontier cautions that everything is subject to change.

For the owner and his crew, aircraft carriers have special decks equipped with a waiting room and a deck, which provides the best view of the ship on a faster-than-light jump trip. As the owner, you will also be able to customize the interior color scheme and equip your vessel with the modular services most suited to your mission and your business requirements.

Frontier tells us that we can expect Update 11 in early 2022, but we’ll see Update 10 first, which will focus primarily on bug fixes and additional optimization for Odyssey.

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