Incredible video of marine life off Vancouver Island

Underwater cinematographer John Roney is at home in the water. So it’s no surprise that, while spending much of the pandemic near his home on Vancouver Island in Canada, he found himself exploring the local sea life. Roney, who also works as a video editor for SeaLegacy, recently posted a great video of what he found and the results are amazing.

Roney’s work shows how the waters of the Pacific Northwest teem with life. From octopuses to jellyfish, every animal is captured in exquisite detail. By setting his work to dramatic music, Roney takes us on a cinematic journey underwater and proves that there is so much to see below the surface.

“What surprised me the most when I first started diving was the amount of color in our waters – whole walls of purples, yellows and pinks,” Roney told My Modern Met. “I think that’s something most people still don’t realize, and it’s one of my favorite things to share.”

The inspiration for this project came from the questions Roney would receive from onlookers while he was diving. When he surfaced, they asked him if he had seen anything interesting. So rather than take their word for it, he decided to use his skills and show them.

John Roney Underwater Cinematography

Roney also hopes her video will raise awareness of the western Canadian marine ecosystem. As he is passionate about ocean conservation, it is important to him that more people understand what life is experiencing below the surface of these waters.

“I want the people of Vancouver Island to feel the same pride for the marine life in these waters that they feel for our forests and our mountains,” he shares. “And I’m not just talking about the famous killer whales and salmon, but all the incredible species that live in these waters; giant feathery anemones, Puget Sound king crabs, wolf eels and everything in between. We have this incredibly diverse ecosystem in our own backyard that needs to be protected and yet, due to the many challenges of cold water diving, few have had the opportunity to see what lies beneath.

“If people want to fight to protect this ecosystem, they need to know what they stand to lose. My goal is to help people fall in love with animals they didn’t even know existed.

Underwater cinematographer John Roney has spent the pandemic exploring the waters off Vancouver Island.

John Roney: website | instagram

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos of John Roney.

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