Inclusion of marine engineering and geomatics in GATE 2022 to help graduates pursue specialist careers


“The passage from the first cycle (UG) to the master is a step towards specialization. Students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in maritime engineering have not until now had the opportunity to appear in a specialized GATE article. These students opted for general engineering papers and therefore could not achieve good results. This impacted their overall score as they were unable to pass the desired MTech program admission process. The inclusion of these articles will allow students to perform well in their respective fields, ”said K Murali, professor and head of the ocean engineering department at IIT Madras.

The decision could also improve the number of students enrolled in marine engineering at all levels. According to the All India Higher Education Survey (AISHE) 2018-19, 4,189 students have enrolled in undergraduate maritime engineering courses. A total of 299 in PG course and only 180 in doctorate. In contrast, 880,349 joined UG courses in computer engineering, followed by 29,714 at PG level and 5,846 at doctoral level.

“Usually, marine engineering students opt for mechanical or civil engineering papers. They will obviously get less than those who studied civil engineering for four years. GATE recognition will allow students to join marine engineering early in their career, as they will be assured of specialist opportunities in the future. Therefore, enrollments at UG, PG level will automatically increase, giving a boost to the entire field, ”said Debabrata Karmakar, Assistant Professor, Department of Water Resources and Ocean Engineering at the National Institute. of Technology (NIT) Surathkal.

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The subject of geomatics, informally known as surveying engineering or surveying as a discipline, was part of the discipline of civil engineering. However, from the start of the 20th century, it gained special attention as it turned to different land measurement practices. The discipline was then known as topography.

“Today it is commonly referred to as ‘geomatics’ because it includes semi-automated and automated processes for data acquisition, data processing and Earth information applications,” said Ajay Dashora , Assistant Professor of the Geomatics Earth Sciences Group at IIT Guwahati.

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Technologies like photogrammetry, radar, sonar, GPS, remote sensing and GIS are well-known applications of geomatics. Such developments also require changes in education and perception of the field.

“The subject has diversified from conventional civil engineering and developed into a new discipline offering new career ambitions to industry, students and researchers. Inclusion of geomatics in GATE will not only strengthen government agencies such as ISRO, DRDO, meteorology department, etc.

Karmakar added that GATE scores are also accepted by several foreign universities and graduates from these fields will have better career opportunities available to them.

Public sector companies (PSUs) also use GATE scores to hire engineering graduates in various fields. “Maritime engineering and geomatics engineering have several industrial partners, both government and private, who recruit through GATE. The initiative to offer these papers will allow students to qualify for recruitment, which will ensure better employment opportunities, ”Murali added.

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