How the UK can lead the way in saving marine life | Letters

George Monbiot’s powerful expose (Abandoned Fishing Gear Kills Marine Life. Yet No Government Seems to Care, January 19) highlights the exploitation of a natural resource. There are solutions, and wouldn’t it be good if the UK used its leadership of the Global Ocean Alliance of 71 member countries to get all governments and international criminal courts to acknowledge the dumping of fishing gear for economic purposes such as an environmental crime (ecocide); sanctioning exploitative nations and industries; and introduce charges for the use of the oceans beyond exclusive economic zones, as recommended in the 2021 Dasgupta review.

Funding pollution prevention, fishing net salvage programs and ecosystem protection would introduce additional costs to the price of seafood – but these are the real costs of operating. As seals and dolphins, whales and turtles are strangled by plastic fishing gear, we can be sure that neither the nets nor the dead will disappear without international action.
Carol Temple-Pediani
Blandford, Dorset

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