Expert: Severe soil erosion can lead to loss of marine life


GEORGE TOWN: Severe soil erosion along the coastline can lead to loss of marine life on the seabed, says Professor Datuk, Dr Aileen Tan.

The director of the Center for Marine and Coastal Studies at Universiti Sains Malaysia (Cemacs) said that although the effects of severe soil erosion in coastal areas are mainly physical, they could also potentially affect the marine ecosystem. .

“Soil erosion can lead to the loss of our benthic organisms such as shellfish,” she said.

“They are affected by habitat loss or degradation. “

Referring to the severe coastal erosion along Batu Ferringhi, she said her studies had not revealed any change in water quality in the area for four years.

“We have not recorded any changes in the amount of dissolved oxygen, salinity or temperature since 2017,” she said.

“Soil erosion could be caused by activities that have changed the hydrodynamics of the area.

“It is certain that the hydrodynamics of the coastal areas of Batu Ferringhi have been altered.

“The hydrodynamics may have changed the direction in which the waves hit the shores in terms of angle and force.

“Project developers in the region may need to refer to their consultants who are supposed to do the hydrological analysis. “

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