Doosan Fuel Cell partners with Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering on SOFCs for ships


Korean company Doosan FuelCell has signed a memorandum of understanding with Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding, a shipbuilding holding company of the Hyundai Heavy Industries group, for the joint development of solid oxide fuel cells for ships.

Doosan will design and produce SOFCs, and KSOE will focus on integrating fuel cells into ships.

In November 2020, Doosan announced plans to work with Navig8, a global shipping company, to introduce fuel cells for ships.

As part of this agreement, Doosan Fuel Cell will supply SOFCs to a 50,000 tonne petrochemical transporter to be ordered by Navig8. Navig8 along with Korean Register will help revise the design of the vessel and provide further technical support.

In October 2020, the company unveiled its plan to develop more efficient SOFCs in the Korean market. The aim is to locate cells and stacks and mass produce SOFC systems in Korea from 2024. This SOFC R&D is part of the project of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

Doosan’s SOFC will be designed to operate at 620 ° C, approximately 200 ° C below typical operating temperatures, with higher efficiency and longer life.

So far, Doosan has focused primarily on stationary SOFCs. Its Model 400 systems can use natural gas, hydrogen or LPG and natural gas as fuels.

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