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Many crew members enjoy working on ships because of the travel and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. A cruise crew member said he works on a ship and urged Reddit users to “ask me anything.”

One user asked, “How many hours a day did you work and what percentage of guests treated you badly?”

The crew member said, “It depends. Some days you work around 12 hours once or twice a week, other days seven to eight hours.

“There is a certain balance because we work every day. Most people are nice, some are jerks, but you know, you learn to be stoic if you’re smart.

“Some guests made the girls in the office cry, so it happens. As the central hub of the ship, there’s a bunch of problem delegation if another department makes a mistake.

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It may be set on luxury yachts, but the American reality show “Below Deck” has revealed a dramatic world among boat crews.

A Reddit commenter wanted to know if “employee parties are as fun as we commoners are led to believe.”

The crew member said: “It was much, much more fun a few years ago. Now there are drinking limits and other rules, like not bringing hard liquor into rooms, so parties aren’t as good as they used to be.

“Nightclub parties are like your normal night out anywhere at a club in town. If you have a bartending connection, you might get a few perks though.


Another cruise vacationer wanted to know what most crew members do if they have a day off in port.

The crew member said: “Some employees go out, others stay and sleep. I loved doing the excursions and since they are free for us we did a lot of them and it was fun.

“Personally, I tried to blend in with the crowd and pretend we were guests when we could.

“This way was more comfortable for doing the excursions or relaxing.”

While the nightmarish passengers might leave the biggest impression on the crew, one guest wanted to know what people could do to be respectful.

They said, “The best are polite, respectful, and considerate. The better you behave with us, the better the service, benefits and experience you will have on board.

“We are here to resolve any issues you may have and as long as you are kind and respectful we will do our best to help you.

“Almost all employees are very empathetic to nice people and will go above and beyond to make them happy.”

They added that they had a crazy experience with a guest who had an indecent proposal.

They said, “A woman once offered me to have sex with her in her room and if everything goes well, she would keep me married to her and make me stay with her. I did not do it.

On almost all cruise lines, relations between passengers and crew are strictly prohibited and passengers must never offer personnel.

The crew member added that they had never worked on the boat for the money but enjoyed it for “the trips and the parties”.

In another popular Reddit thread, a crew member said the worst part of his job was suffering from homesickness.

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