COUNCIL attracts an additional £ 1.3million for marine engineering investment at Inchgreen


REGENERATION bosses have secured additional funds to improve the facilities at Inchgreen’s wharf in the hope of attracting foreign investors.

Inverclyde board officials are confident that development will take place this year at the Greenock site, which was already online for around £ 10million in City Deal funding.

A report updating advisers pointed out that details of what is being offered to Inchgreen “remain confidential due to commercial sensitivity.”

But the document continues: “It is important to note however that the council secured a grant of £ 1.36million from Clyde Mission for the modernization of the large hangar adjacent to the dry dock.

“This is to facilitate marine engineering operations in the hangar.

“This grant is in addition to the £ 9.4million in City Deal funding allocated to Inchgreen.”

Officials say: “While Covid has impacted Inchgreen’s progress through the changing plans of potential foreign investors, officers remain confident that development will continue at Inchgreen through 2021.”

| Demolition of Inchgreen cranes in July 2017

Inchgreen in January 2014 as the Isle of Man ferry Ben My Chree was resuming and before crane demolition

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