BC Ferries Trials Skillgrader to improve crew skills

BC Ferries is testing Marine Learning Systems’ SkillGrader seafarer skills assessment app as part of ongoing efforts to improve passenger and crew safety.

Developed by Vancouver software company Marine Learning Systems, SkillGrader is an enterprise solution that helps vessel operators quickly and objectively assess the skills of officers and crew, both as a team and individually. It replaces subjective, paper-heavy assessments with a digital solution that works on both tablets and mobile devices. An instant report is generated for immediate debriefing and coaching opportunities. It also presents all findings and analysis via an on-demand dashboard for future reference, to support audits and help reveal trends, gaps and organization-wide skills metrics for improvement. operational.

In its quest to continuously improve SkillGrader for maritime skills assessment, Marine Learning Systems sought input from its long-time partner, BC Ferries. The trial involves using SkillGrader to standardize onboard assessment of the execution of nautical standards and company safety protocols. Input from BC Ferries has helped to develop assessment forms targeting critical skills and to develop reports that provide insight at the trainee, management and board level.

“Our navigation assessments provide us with important insights into how our teams engage with our policies. Standardizing the assessment process is key to ensuring the fairness and accuracy of the data we collect,” says Andrew Wetmore, Director of Nautical Standards, BC Ferries “As we seek to continually improve standards within a group of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals, the tools we use to do so are essential in building an accurate picture of where we can focus our attention to address leading indicators and potential gaps.

“We developed SkillGrader to improve safety and performance by measuring the primary outcome of training in a sophisticated and objective way. It is a one-of-a-kind tool that gives operators unprecedented insight into crew skills,” said Murray Goldberg, CEO of Marine Learning Systems. “BC Ferries’ approach to improving safety has been industry leading, and we are extremely pleased to be working with them again to advance the state of maritime training and assessment technology.”

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