BA’s latest email: ‘Could you do it as a cabin crew member’?

British Airways has sent an email to elite members of its Executive Club urging them to apply for flight attendant jobs for meager pay.

BA has had staffing and retention issues of late, and many of its flights have been short of cabin crew, despite meeting the absolute minimum requirement.

You can access the quiz here.

Here is the text:

Do you have what it takes to tackle one of the highest altitude jobs in the world? To celebrate our incredible teams in the sky, this month’s quiz (designed by our expert insiders, no less) will put your cabin crew chops to the test.

Our colleagues at 35,000 feet are, of course, known for their stellar attire. Daisy Knatchbull, founder of Savile Row’s first all-female fashion house, shares her style secrets to help you get it right on your next flight.

And finally, real Action Man and former Royal Marine Commando Aldo Kane reveals his list of Adventure Kits, we run through your top road tips and, to celebrate 25 years of World Book Day, pick eight travel books for you transport to your next destination.

A few quizzes!

I got 6 out of 8 right:

British Airways flight attendant pay starts in an unlivable range, but can increase over the years.

Honestly, I doubt many elite members of the BA Executive Club would apply for a job that pays less than what they pay in monthly airfare.


Nice quiz, but I wish the airline would pay their flight attendants a living wage.

Annual turnover is high and very low in terms of career opportunities, and unfortunately it shows. Too many inexperienced crew members coming out in a year or two.

I would have had a lot of other options for the quiz:

What would you do when the bar cart is out of champagne because BA is too cheap to have it stored at destination?

Only the Chicken Tikka Masala option left in First Class?

Business class passengers booked the Club Suite, but there was a change of equipment from the old configuration?

The passenger entertainment system is malfunctioning and you’ve already restarted it twice?

Had too many drinks at destination and couldn’t work on the flight home?

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