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As countless ocean creatures continue to wash up on the shores of regions around the world, including the lifeless whales recently discovered in San Francisco Bay, one has to wonder why so many industries have been allowed by rulers. for so long to continue to poison the waters that belong to marine life.

In Japan, government leaders intend to silence environmental activists who have expressed strong opposition to the government’s plan, announced last April, to dump more than a million tonnes of “contaminated water” into the water. Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Power Plant as their best option to dispose of toxic wastewater 10 years after this horrific disaster.

The release of toxic water would be spread over a two-year period. The International Atomic Energy Agency – established on July 29, 1957 and headquartered in Vienna, Austria – offered technical support.

Greenpeace fiercely opposed this plan. The same goes for environmental activists around the world, who strongly support the opinion of Kazue Suzuki, a climate and energy expert representing Greenpeace. They say the Japanese government does not deal with the unforeseeable consequences, nor does the government consider the disposal of contaminated water in the ocean to negate international maritime laws and ignore human rights.

It appears to be a double disaster in the making – one that will not only harm marine life, but could have critical implications for human health as well.

Currently, there are no comprehensive measures to ensure the protection of marine life.

The steadfast voices of those opposing the release of toxic water persist, including local fishing communities whose livelihoods depend on healthy waters for healthy marine life. Such vocal opposition may not be enough to stop another source of untold damage. As corals and marine life continue to be decimated by human intrusion, toxic waste and man-made waste, the situation for a healthy ocean on which humans depend is getting darker by the day. . If we are to maintain healthy waters which are so precious and vital to our own existence, we must end the poisoning and destruction of the waters of life.


Kim Hyunook, professor of environmental engineering at Seoul University, has discovered a new problem: Viagra and its unknown effects on water pollution.

During a chance conversation with a friend about how easily Viagra pills are obtained in Seoul’s nightlife districts, Kim decided to investigate the drug, made by Pfizer.

In 2018, samples in the sewers of South Korea, where research was conducted, studied and analyzed the sewage, found that levels of the erectile dysfunction drug appeared to increase on weekends in areas where bars , clubs and adult entertainment were the most important.

The percentage of drugs found in Seoul’s sewers was four times higher than in Brussels and two to five times higher than in Copenhagen.

Although some say that there is no danger to the human population, this sewage from cities often ends up in groundwater or in the ocean with unknown effects.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that many men have in common around the world. One study estimates that 322 million men will face this “lack of action” or problem by 2025. A study in South Korea found that 23% of men aged 30 to 39 are unable to have an erection. There are no definitive studies on how men deal with and respond to erectile dysfunction, although some men have reported experiencing psychological distress from the condition. With the increased demand for drugs such as Viagra, the pharmaceutical industry must develop drugs that, when released into the environment, would not harm the ecosystem and its inhabitants.


Most readers are aware that countless numbers of men are now ultimately held responsible for sexually abusing women and making sexual advances to women without their consent.

For a culture that has systematically turned a blind eye or brushed aside such abusive behavior for so many years, the victim’s voice is finally heard. Victims are no longer demonized for bringing such abuses to light.

Many abusers who violate women’s rights are part of the elite, whether in the film industry, religious hierarchy, business, political leaders or other high places of power.

We are now witnessing the disappearance of such cavalier and abusive individuals who have committed sexual crimes with arrogance, law and impunity.

No means no – all abusers must be held accountable.

– The author is the founder and director of the Harmony Kennels Foundation, a non-profit educational organization. Write to him at PO Box 5112, Vacaville, Ca 95696 or by e-mail: [email protected]

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